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“Passing hours, space in between: I am breathing your air”
“Passing hours, space in between: I am breathing your air”

“Passing hours, space in between: I am breathing your air” is an installation featuring one or more self-breathing pillow(s) positioned on the floor. The pillow is made of handmade paper and equipped with battery operated motor.
The project is about being “transient, temporary, and vulnerable”. How can the condition of “being transient” be defined? Is it measured completely by the length of time physically spent in an unfamiliar geographic location? If the transient begins to feel settled and comfortable does that result in stability, which can feel curiously unstable?
As a foreign transplant these questions arose during this project and are in the foreground of my experience, intellect and imagination.
I strive to communicate with viewers about being fragile, fragmented and vulnerable. I use my experience of being in a new environment to question space and its implications in defining one's identity as the inspiration behind my work.
Deciding on the “ingredients” (size of the pillow, material, positioning) for the series has been the critical key while developing the concept for this project. Medium or material I use more or less dictates the direction in developing my ideas. In this series, maintaining the very original function of these material was a guiding line for the progress of the series: the “temporary” status of the pillow will end as the battery life expires, pillow case will show the time spent in the exhibition environment with wrinkles and tears.